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This is done by first letting them know who their boss is and who is in charge! Mistress “M” just loves to hang new arrivals up naked by their ankles, as this really gets their attention! She also likes to do this for a certain amount of time, as the longer they hang the more docile and receptive they become to being slave trained as a submissive's!

The Russians and women from the Ukraine are shipped to the complex hung up side down naked and bound inside a big wooden shipping crate as the Russian Slave traders love doing this as well to the women they send to Andheri to be sold!

This underground training complex in Andheri has some rather interesting and historical background along with the colorful and interesting way it currently came into being. Her firm naked breasts with her nipples hanging straight down only several inches above the cold concrete floor.

Hentai: [Pixiv] ZHAO (79238963)

[Pixiv] ZHAO (79238963) 1[Pixiv] ZHAO (79238963) 2[Pixiv] ZHAO (79238963) 3[Pixiv] ZHAO (79238963) 4[Pixiv] ZHAO (79238963) 5[Pixiv] ZHAO (79238963) 6[Pixiv] ZHAO (79238963) 7[Pixiv] ZHAO (79238963) 8[Pixiv] ZHAO (79238963) 9[Pixiv] ZHAO (79238963) 10[Pixiv] ZHAO (79238963) 11[Pixiv] ZHAO (79238963) 12[Pixiv] ZHAO (79238963) 13[Pixiv] ZHAO (79238963) 14[Pixiv] ZHAO (79238963) 15

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