Free Blowjob Otoko Toka, Onna Toka.

“I wanna break you in just right!!!” With his mouth now hanging open in stunned silence he watched in absolute awe as she plopped her enormous ass on the edge of the desk and then slowly spread her heavy thighs wide apart!!! To say she had a hair pie would have been and understatement!!! This black Amazon literally had a forest of jet black pubic hair bursting from every square inch of her dripping wet crotch! While using one hand to steady herself while leaning back on the desk top, she used the other one to casually spread open her bulging sex organ! “Nice and pink!!!” she giggled, “And good enough to eat!!!” Like a magnet is attracted to metal he eagerly leaned forward and buried his open mouth into her yawning maw!!! He hair was stiff and prickly but he paid it no mind as he slurped and licked the fat black pussy like it was the last one on the face of the earth! His tongue went into overdrive as he bored in on her wonderfully fat clitoris! While her breathing was becoming more labored he glanced up only to find that she had taken one of her heavy breasts and pulled a hard nipple into her own hot mouth! Jesus christ he was going out of his mind!!! He knew she was close, and in a fit of passion leaped to his feet and buried his hard cock into the steaming cauldron that was her over heated pussy!!!

Her eyes literally popped out of her head as he quickly began powering in and out of her with almost brutal efficiency!!! “M-my fucking god in heaven!!!” she gasped. “You like Mona’s big fat ass or her big tits?!?” “I-I like them both!!!” he gasped while she fisted his thick cock.

Hentai: [Kougami Eri] Otoko toka, Onna toka. [English]

Otoko toka, Onna toka. 1Otoko toka, Onna toka. 2Otoko toka, Onna toka. 3Otoko toka, Onna toka. 4Otoko toka, Onna toka. 5Otoko toka, Onna toka. 6Otoko toka, Onna toka. 7Otoko toka, Onna toka. 8Otoko toka, Onna toka. 9Otoko toka, Onna toka. 10Otoko toka, Onna toka. 11


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