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The third stripe with the belt stung even on my now sensitive skin and my arse was burning fiercely but all I could do was scream “Fuck, that really hurts you bastard!” through my tears and after a fourth whack, I heard Fred say “Shit Bill, her pants are getting soaked and I don’t think it’s sweat!” I am ashamed to admit that he was right – not only was my arse burning but my cunt was as well. We had always enjoyed a passionate but exclusive sex life and really enjoyed each other’s company.

Hentai: [Mikemono Yuu] Onegai Gaeshi (COMIC Koh 2016-09) [English] {NecroManCr}

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[神毛物由宇]おねがいがえし(COMIC 高 2016年9月号) [英訳]

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