[Slepiness] Mokinokonantekorigoridesu (deizunitsuisuteddowandarando)

This time it was going to be held at a motel, the guys getting together, for drinks and later for more fun with us, we told Colin to let them know what Sue likes and possible more kink if they wanted, he asked and I told him about our fun with water sports and taking dogs cocks too, he nearly chocked, and said were we serious, a postive yes shook him, but he said he would put the word out. Click to watch more With Sue now in position,I moved him over his nose found her cum soaked body and he began to lick her clean, the guys cheered as Sue shot up with one huge orgasm, she knew what or who belonged to the tongue, and didn't look back, but her body relaxed as more huge orgasm shot though her, each one seemed to stir the dog on, his cock now showing a bit under him.

Hentai: [Slepiness] mokinokonantekorigoridesu (deizunitsuisuteddowandarando)

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