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There are many other pleasures and modes of taking them we ought to have forbidden ourselves until the moment they were embodied in story, and which we have instead tolerated, provided the experiments are conducted in privacy – in, that is to say, either our closets or our bedchambers. “I have been told you have a fine ass,” said he in a drawling tone, “and as for the past sixty years I have had a decided weakness for fine cheeks, I should like to see whether there is any foundation to your reputation.

Hentai: [Kenoru] Kemono Contest丨半妖间的比赛 (Monster Incidents) [Chinese] [海棠零个人汉化] [Digital]

Kemono Contest丨半妖间的比赛 1Kemono Contest丨半妖间的比赛 2Kemono Contest丨半妖间的比赛 3Kemono Contest丨半妖间的比赛 4Kemono Contest丨半妖间的比赛 5Kemono Contest丨半妖间的比赛 6Kemono Contest丨半妖间的比赛 7Kemono Contest丨半妖间的比赛 8Kemono Contest丨半妖间的比赛 9Kemono Contest丨半妖间的比赛 10Kemono Contest丨半妖间的比赛 11Kemono Contest丨半妖间的比赛 12Kemono Contest丨半妖间的比赛 13

[ケノール]Kemono Contest(怪物事変) [中国翻訳]

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